Z-wave.Me 4 button Keyfob Inclusion HC2

1. Hold all 4 buttons for 5 seconds

2. Put home center in association mode

3. Press button 3 on the remote for Inclusion or exclusion.

4. During inclusing press the 4 buttons again, and press button 2 to wake up the keyfob!


Now add the Following Parameters (yourself)

Press the save button in the Home Center. And wait until the parameters are all synced with the Keyfob. Or you could wake it up again.

Scene for SceneActivation

Create a new scene and put the following Lua code inside:


%% properties

106 sceneActivation –Change this to The ID of the Keyfob!!

%% globals


local id= 106;  –Change this to The ID of the Keyfob!!

local name = fibaro:getName(id)


ActiveSceneId =tonumber(fibaro:getValue(id, “sceneActivation”));



Whenever you press a button the Debug area will show which sceneActivation id used.


Then you can add something as follows:

if (ActiveSceneId == SceneID ) then

–Add something

fibaro:debug(“button 1 pressed”)

else if (ActiveSceneId == SceneID ) then

— Add Something

fibaro:debug(“button 2 pressed”)

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