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Zipabox is a smart home automation gateway, which turns every home into a smart home by using advanced technology.


Zipabox is a smart home automation gateway, which turns every home into a smart home by using advanced technology.

After pluged into an outlet, it automatically starts talking to all connected devices in the house and connects them to the cloud so that the user can control them using tablets, smart phones, computers or TVs – at home or on the way.

The Zipabox’s capabilities can easily be expanded using “snap-in” expansion modules that w©ill add support for new interfaces and functionalities, communication standards and protocols, etc. Once configured, the gateway works self-contained, but also features cloud support for advanced monitoring, messaging and programming services. The intuitive graphical user interface allows the user to program its own home scenarios without any previous programming experience.

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The Zipato gateway is the most flexible home automation controller on the market. It is easily expanded with different network protocols, back-up modules and the core power that is deliverd by the cloud service.


Create your rules!

You know that your curtains have to close at a certain time and only if it is cold and dark outside. Now your home automation system can do this to!


Save money

A home automation system like the zipato helps you save money on many ways. Not just the price of the controller itself is great but you can save money with Energy measurement.


And controlling these device with your smartphone or tablet. Even your heating system is controlled from the palm of your hands.

Control your heating with your smartphone
Control your heating with your smartphone

Be save


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Zipabox KNX module


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Zipabox zigbee module


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Zipato muur tablet


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Zipabox backup module


Gateway Uitbreiding

Zipabox EnOcean Module

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Android, iOS (Apple), Web Applicatie


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